Flag Humidor

This is a custom humidor for a client interested in his family's involvement in the Civil War. The flag is the 31st Virginia Infantry battle flag (similar to the Confederate flag, but without the white piping between the blue and red and without the center star).

The humidor has a solid brass, extruded half mortise lock; brass quadrant hinges; a moveable spanish cedar divider; and quality hygrometer and humidifier.

flag humidor with key flag humidor top flag humidor openflag humidor front

The humidor sides are solid Spanish cedar veneered in walnut. All of the veneer is 1/16" (1.5 mm) thick. The edging is holly and Brazilian ebony. The box is made using full blind dovetails, which allows the veneer to go right up to the ends without the risk of the dovetails telegraphing through some day. Only hide glue was used in the construction.